Extended hours.....soon

We'll be extending our hours in the near future, opening Fridays into the Eve and Saturday eves as well. We plan on offering beer (bottles), wine, and mimosas on weekends and adding a 'pizzetta' to our menu. This NEWS section, and our HOURS section will be updated to reflect this when it goes into effect.



Did you know that our crumpets are vegan? Yup. No animal by products, plus they are nuetral, so no sugars, oils etc. you can take a 6-Pack home and make up your own concoction sweet or savory. We also offer a vegan butter substitute because lets face it, everything is better with butter! (even a vegan butter option) Our crumpets are animal testing free too. (Although I did see a dog eat a customers crumpet once though)

Where You Can Find our Crumpets

To everyone that called, emailed, facebooked, IG, tweeted etc. asking when we are opening. I do not have a definitive opening date yet. We are still waiting for our cafe inspection. For now you can get Strumpets Crumpets at Elevator Cafe http://www.elevatorpdx.com/ , Blue Kangaroo http://www.bluekangaroocoffee.com/ and (soon?) at See See Motor Coffee https://www.seeseemotorcycles.com/

I'll update this and the home page when I have a better idea of our opening date.


Strumpets Crumpets

"Never Mind the Strumpets, here's Crumpets"

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