Somewhere in the mid to late 80's before anyone ever drank real coffee (unless it was out of a can) in the wee hours of the morning, I was a cook at the Tea and Crumpet Shop in San Francisco around the corner where I grew up near UCSF and 1 block from GG park. This of course was in-between my skateboarding and late night punk / rock and roll days as a musician.  As the years went on I went on to work as Sales Manager for Deluxe Distribution (Spitfire Wheels, Real Skateboards etc.) selling some of the top brands in skateboarding. After I left Deluxe I went on to Co-found Switch Snowboard bindings which a decade later we sold to Vans Shoes then co-founded an eyewear line called Sutro Vision at the same time I owned and operated a music rehearsal studio facility for wayward musicians like myself. About half way through those businesses in 2007 I moved to Portland with my family and was mostly Mr. Mom and played music steadily over the next 3 years (always have and still do) until one day I had a craving for crumpets but I couldn't quite make the recipe in small batches so then I decided to build me a kitchen and hand make crumpets and give the excess to friends. That's a whole lotta work and excess just so I could have crumpets. I didn't want to wake up at 5AM then, and guess what? I still don't, but alas, it's come full circle again. So all in all, Scrumptious Crumpets is really just a by-product of my selfishness to stuff my face (and now yours) full of crumpets.

Tony Guerrero - Crumpetier


No Sleep 'til Crumpets




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